Change, Living in Limbo, + An Announcement

changing leaves in fall

The past few months have been some of the strangest of my life. Since August, I’ve known that so many things were¬†about to happen, but they were just far enough out of reach that it didn’t feel like I could do anything about them yet. Being on the edge of drastic change is such a … Read more

The Post-Holiday Blues

the post holiday blues | trying to get back on track with a planner

I am pretty much having the worst time this year adjusting to “normal life” after the holidays. I’m in incredibly lucky to have a job that allowed me to take two weeks off for the holidays, which was lovely: no schedule, time with family, going to the gym at noon, long dog walks, lazy mornings … Read more

6 lessons learned from renting – and why I’m glad I didn’t buy a house (so far) in my 20’s

6 lessons learned from renting |

When I first landed my current job, I got really excited about the steady, reliable income. I felt like I’d just put my big kid pants on, ready to conquer the adult world. I remember talking to my bank a few months into my job and calculating what mortgage I could afford, what my price … Read more

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