The Post-Holiday Blues

the post holiday blues | trying to get back on track with a planner

I am pretty much having the worst time this year adjusting to “normal life” after the holidays. I’m in incredibly lucky to have a job that allowed me to take two weeks off for the holidays, which was lovely: no schedule, time with family, going to the gym at noon, long dog walks, lazy mornings … Read more

Quick full body AMRAP workout

Quick full body AMRAP workout from

I’ve had a rough few weeks fitting workouts in. I know, I know: if you want it bad enough, you’ll make time. I’ve been reevaluating my schedule because I’m finding that things often pop up in the evening, making it hard to stick to my plans. I had an especially bad day last week. I … Read more

Weight lifting progress

barbells and weights

I’ve been meaning to post a weight lifting progress update while now, but between work, gym, life, and working on the back end of this site, I’ve fallen behind. I’ve also decided to start studying for the NSCA CSCS certification exam so I can train in my spare time (!!!), so that is yet another … Read more

10 tips for new bloggers from an actual new blogger

10 tips for new bloggers from an actual new blogger |

Alternatively, parts of this post could be called “tips for switching your site or blog from WordPress to your own domain” because that’s when I discovered some these! I struggled a lot with whether to post this or not. I’m definitely not an expert yet, and there are a lot of blog tips out there … Read more

Active rest day: Grayson Highlands

grayson highlands ponies

One of my good friends hikes at Grayson Highlands all the time. I’ve been dying to go with her for a long time, but since it’s 2 hours away and the hike we wanted to do takes 3-4 hours, it definitely takes up most of a day. Finally we found a weekend we were both … Read more

6 lessons learned from renting – and why I’m glad I didn’t buy a house (so far) in my 20’s

6 lessons learned from renting |

When I first landed my current job, I got really excited about the steady, reliable income. I felt like I’d just put my big kid pants on, ready to conquer the adult world. I remember talking to my bank a few months into my job and calculating what mortgage I could afford, what my price … Read more

Movin’ on up: setting up my own domain on Bluehost and more

sunshine blue sky trees

Let’s be real: this is mainly a post because I had to add this silly thing in order to claim my blog on Bloglovin’. Follow my blog with Bloglovin Also, I needed a little sunshine and blue sky since that’s a rarity around here during these cold and rainy October days. Now that we have … Read more

Stitch Fix Review: Stitch Fix Quality

stitch fix box

I’ve been a pretty avid Stitch Fix subscriber since I received my first box. However, I felt that since I’ve left glowing reviews on my blog, I owed it to anyone out there in the blogverse reading this to address an issue I’m having for the first time: Stitch Fix quality. The green pants that … Read more

Stitch Fix Review October 2015: Fix #3

stitch fix box opening

After my last fix with the jean jacket being too small, I decided to bump up my next fix to October 1 because I was eager to have a jean jacket for fall. I was really excited about getting another box after how good the last two had been, but the week I got this … Read more

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