Stitch Fix Review: Stitch Fix Quality

stitch fix box

I’ve been a pretty avid Stitch Fix subscriber since I received my first box. However, I felt that since I’ve left glowing reviews on my blog, I owed it to anyone out there in the blogverse reading this to address an issue I’m having for the first time: Stitch Fix quality. The green pants that … Read more

Stitch Fix Review October 2015: Fix #3

stitch fix box opening

After my last fix with the jean jacket being too small, I decided to bump up my next fix to October 1 because I was eager to have a jean jacket for fall. I was really excited about getting another box after how good the last two had been, but the week I got this … Read more

Stitch Fix Review September 2015: Fix #2

stitch fix styling box

Considering I’d been on vacation in San Diego all week (more to come on this!), took a redeye back to the east coast Saturday night, drove the 5 hours home from Baltimore on Sunday, and had to get right back into work with our annual report, I was having a pretty rough Monday this week. … Read more

Stitch Fix Review July 2015: Fix #1

Let me start by saying that I am in no way fashion forward. I have been a jeans kinda gal for a long time now, but when I needed to be a presentable adult I started branching out. Some of that included finding creative ways to sneak jeans (black jeans that look like slacks, anyone?) … Read more

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