From working out to training: Starting Strength

barbells and oxford commas weighted plank

I’ve been cross-training for about three years now, which has consisted of working out 3-4 times a week (in addition to roller derby practices, other scattered sports and activities, and some running) and greatly improving my strength and metabolic conditioning. At first, I really just wanted to get in better shape, lose some weight, be … Read more

Current Book Recommendations

backyard trees fall leaves

How is it that it hasn’t even dropped below 61 yet at night, yet the leaves are already falling in our backyard?! I feel so unprepared for this – except for in the fashion department thanks to StitchFix! While I haven’t gotten my act together and started writing yet, I have read a lot of … Read more

Stitch Fix Review September 2015: Fix #2

stitch fix styling box

Considering I’d been on vacation in San Diego all week (more to come on this!), took a redeye back to the east coast Saturday night, drove the 5 hours home from Baltimore on Sunday, and had to get right back into work with our annual report, I was having a pretty rough Monday this week. … Read more

Beating the afternoon chocolate craving: Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie

chocolate peanut butter banana protein smoothie

I would love to be one of those people who eats healthy 99.9% of the time and only has a special treat every now and then. Diet is so incredibly important, and I know I can’t achieve a lot of my goals without reining it in, so I’m really trying to work on it. As … Read more

Friday Five: July 17, 2015 | Healthy recipes with real food

chopped vegetables

I have been seriously cooking up a storm this week. It’s incredibly nice to have time to prep some food for the week, although cooking well between an 8-to-5 job, walking the dog, and hitting the gym is still no joke. This week I made pork chops and a stir-fry from (yep, she also … Read more

Stitch Fix Review July 2015: Fix #1

Let me start by saying that I am in no way fashion forward. I have been a jeans kinda gal for a long time now, but when I needed to be a presentable adult I started branching out. Some of that included finding creative ways to sneak jeans (black jeans that look like slacks, anyone?) … Read more

Friday Five: June 19, 2015

We’ve been slowly settling into the new place. I seriously love this little house, short ceilings, bugs, creaking floors, and all. Obviously the backyard is probably my favorite spot. I think we were so relieved to have all our things here and the necessities unpacked that we settled in a little too quickly, leaving boxes, … Read more

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