Writer. Editor. Marketer. Oxford comma enthusiast. Content nerd. CrossFitter. Sometimes cook. Stitch Fix subscriber. Occasional traveler. Avid but sometimes easily distracted reader. Animal snuggler.

Most of my life I aspired to become a bestselling author. As it turns out, when you haven’t written a book that can’t really happen. Somehow I ended up with an 8-5 with a sweet benefit package and a lot of responsibilities I don’t want to be good at but am.

This blog is an attempt to keep the words flowing.

Wanna know more?

I live in a small town with a big university and work as a communications (and marketing) coordinator. I love my day job, but began missing all the creative writing I used to do and felt like life was flying by, so now I blog and write freelances pieces for places like Life Goals Mag and contributor networks.

My life changed pretty drastically in 2011 when I walked into a roller skating rink for my first roller derby practice. I quickly fell in love with the sport and threw myself wholeheartedly into 3 practices a week and, shortly after, 2-3 cross-training sessions a week. While I was busy working out, working hard, and dropping weight I’d been trying to diet away (with little success), a crazy thing happened.

I started wanting to be fast, strong, and fit rather than thin.

For once I started thinking about what my body was capable of rather than how I wanted it to look.

Four years later, I’m no longer playing roller derby, but weight lifting and cross-training are huge parts of my life. In December 2015, I started CrossFit and in January 2016 I began an Olympic Weightlifting program despite being a total newb.

My boyfriend and I live with my our (I think he’s adopted them…?) dog and two cats.

I also enjoy food (healthy and sometimes not), beer, and attempting to dress myself in things other than workout clothes.

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This is me hiking in the desert.
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