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Things I’ve been doing instead of writing

So let’s pretend I just didn’t forget how to log in to my site and finally open up my dashboard to NINE needed updates. Oops.

I know it has been a while. The truth is I’m suffering from a case of writer’s block and complete lack of focus.

I joined a ton of blog and biz groups, did some research, and tried to “find my niche” when actually all I want to do is write. So that’s what I’m gonna do – except that I have a horrible case of writer’s block and have no idea what to write about. I also feel so caught up in my 9 to 5, gym, food, bed routine that it’s been difficult to make time for much else.

So here are some things I’ve been busy doing instead of writing:

  • holiday parties
  • traveling to my parents’ and then to Geoff’s parents’ on Christmas Eve, back to my parents’, and home for a lovely staycation week
  • traveling back to Geoff’s parents’ (with the dog, who was explicitly invited this time) the day after New Years Day for a quick overnight trip
  • finishing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • starting All the Light We Cannot See (add me on Goodreads!)
  • counting macros
  • prepping food
  • not eating out AT ALL (help me, please)
  • starting CrossFit and going 5x a week
  • fretting over being in life limbo
  • chastising myself for the above because it’s silly and isn’t everyone kind of in life limbo?
  • cleaning the whole house
  • stressing over whether we’re renewing our lease (which would take us into JULY 2017, which I can’t even think about right now)
  • taking the dog to vet appointments
  • anniversary hike with Geoff at Great Falls

great falls maryland

I would say my New Years resolution is to blog more, but that was last year’s. I think I just want to be more creative and not get lost in the day-to-day.

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