Quick full body AMRAP workout from barbellsandoxfordcommas.com

Quick full body AMRAP workout

I’ve had a rough few weeks fitting workouts in. I know, I know: if you want it bad enough, you’ll make time. I’ve been reevaluating my schedule because I’m finding that things often pop up in the evening, making it hard to stick to my plans.

I had an especially bad day last week. I got wrapped up at work and didn’t leave on time. It was raining, so my walk home and evening dog walk took longer than usual. I missed the last class at my favorite gym and had to head to the back-up gym to get my lifting session in. Only…all the squat racks were taken for the entire 45 minutes I was there.

Change of plans.

Instead of doing my full lifting workout, I did my usual bench press 3×5 and then wrote out this quick full body AMRAP workout. It was great to squeeze in while I was waiting for a rack, although I never got one.

I like AMRAPs (as many rounds as possible) because you can just set the clock and go, and they really test your endurance and conditioning. Plus it’s nice to switch exercises frequently – it makes it go quicker! It’s also easy to track your progress by keeping track of how many rounds you get in.

Quick full body AMRAP workout from barbellsandoxfordcommas.com

This really gets your shoulders burnnnnning, so make sure to stretch them out! If you have shoulder issues, I’d swap out mountain climbers for high knees and possibly plank up-downs for regular plank or push-ups.

Fitness folks: what are your favorite AMRAPs?

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