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Weight lifting progress

I’ve been meaning to post a weight lifting progress update while now, but between work, gym, life, and working on the back end of this site, I’ve fallen behind. I’ve also decided to start studying for the NSCA CSCS certification exam so I can train in my spare time (!!!), so that is yet another thing stealing a bunch of my time. I’m really excited about that process and hope to share updates, although it’s probably going to take a while for my English major brain to wrap itself around all the macros and micros and muscle fibers.

Anyway, my 3-rep max progress is as follows:
Squat: 175
Deadlift: 205
Bench: 95
Overhead press: 75

What I’ve been doing:
Conditioning/accessory strength: 3x a week
Lifts: 2x a week

Overall, I’m really happy with my numbers, especially my squat because it’s gone up quite a bit after FINALLY breaking my plateau. I’ve been really frustrated with deadlifting because I’ve messed with my stance and grip a few times, and when I do that I never want to go up in weight immediately. So, it’s only increased 5 pounds, but I do feel like I’ve learned some things while experimenting.

On a related note, I think this t-nation article came at just the right time for me. It was something I needed to hear, and I’m glad my revised training plan has a bit more focus to it. I’m also looking forward to officially learning to program!

  • Love this! Its so good to track your progress with weight lifting! Get it girl!

    • Kim

      Thank you! I’m loving your blog. 🙂 I hesitated to post my own progress, but then I figured it might help someone to show what’s working for me or see that they can do it, too!

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