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Stitch Fix Review: Stitch Fix Quality

I’ve been a pretty avid Stitch Fix subscriber since I received my first box. However, I felt that since I’ve left glowing reviews on my blog, I owed it to anyone out there in the blogverse reading this to address an issue I’m having for the first time: Stitch Fix quality.

The green pants that I was in love with from my last fix are tearing at the seam on the back side after only 3 wears. I’m pretty upset considering they were $74 (if I’m remembering right), and I’m extra upset that my new go-to work pants are going to be unusable after another wear or two.

It’s very slight at the moment, but when I took them off Monday, I noticed daylight coming through a few gaps at the seam. It seemed a little worse after another wear (with a longer shirt just in case). The crazy thing is these pants aren’t even tight on me (they’re borderline too big!), so it really is just from a bit of wear already.stitch fix liverpool skinny pant stitch fix liverpool skinny pant

To say I’m disappointed is an understatement, but I’m about to email their customer service and see what can be done. Hopefully this is just a fluke and I got a bad garment, but we’ll see. Fingers crossed their customer service is as good as my experience has been up until this point.

Update: After a few emails (at first they were out of stock), Stitch Fix has agreed to exchange this item for another pair. I’ve done some research and this brand is typically pretty good, so I’m hoping the exchange will solve everything!

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