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Stitch Fix Review October 2015: Fix #3

After my last fix with the jean jacket being too small, I decided to bump up my next fix to October 1 because I was eager to have a jean jacket for fall. I was really excited about getting another box after how good the last two had been, but the week I got this one I was so busy I didn’t even have time to open it up when I first found it on my doorstep.

stitch fix styling box(If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is yet, you should check out my first post on it for an explanation.)

One casino gala and a late night later…stitch fix clothing boxstitch fix fall clothingI really liked the look of everything right out of the box, which actually made kinda me sad because I’m on a tight budget this month. I’d asked my stylist for a few things: another jean jacket similar to last time but a little bigger, a black blazer, some comfortable pants for work, and a scarf. She said they didn’t have a black blazer in my budget at the time, which I was kind of relieved about because I probably don’t need to dish out that kind of cash right now.

Item #1: Liverpool Anita Skinny Pantliverpool anita skinny pant in oliveWhen I asked for “comfortable work pants,” I was secretly hoping for something like this or some yoga dress pants. I’m in love with these! I was also secretly hoping for olive or burgundy pants, which my stylist may have picked up on from my Pinterest. They don’t photograph super well in certain light, but they’re definitely a nice olive color. They’re very stretchy, too, and don’t feel tight at all, especially on the waist. The style card has both a more casual look and a dressed-up one, which I find really helpful for items I want to wear to work, and my stylist also gave me a tip on wearing these pants with the burgundy top from my last fix.

Item #2: Skies are Blue Oleander Embroidery Detail Top

skies are blue oleander embroidery detail topThis top looked really nice on, and it’s definitely my style. I’d actually gotten a sort of similar top from TJ Maxx about two weeks before this because I’d run out of nice but comfortable fall shirts for work! So, props to my stylist on picking out something I literally would (and did) buy for myself. It’s a really nice material, and mine was in a petite size which made for a nice length on my arms and hips. The detail in this shirt really does make the whole piece, though.skies are blue oleander embroidery detail top skies are blue oleander embroidery detail topItem #3: Market & Spruce Angelo Cargo Anorak Jacketmarket & spruce angelo cargo anorak jacketThis jacket was a nice surprise – she’d sent it to me because I’d pinned it on my style board (I love that they actually look at that stuff and get to know who you are). I super fell in love with this jacket (my boyfriend, Geoff, can attest to this – and all the whining about it that ensued). It fits me to a T – it’s cargo-y and tomboyish, but then the lining is white with black polka dots, and the nice cuffing reveals the lining for just a peak of & spruce angelo cargo anorak jacketThe big downside: it was $108. I might have paid that if I’d been in a position to splurge this month. But then there was the biggest problem: I think because I lift and have some muscle, the upper arms down into the elbow area were unbearably tight. It felt really bad whenever I moved my arms, and I knew I’d never be able to layer anything major under this. The jacket’s inability to accommodate my hulking out arms pretty much made the decision for me, but I think even if it fit perfectly, the smarter decision would be to not spend $108 and instead spend a little less on a less awesome jacket that is waterproof and a little heavier since it gets cold here in the fall.

Item #4: Mangrove Allen Striped Infinity Scarf

mangrove allen striped infinity scarfThis was a great scarf for me because I wear a lot of neutrals, greens, reds/burgundies, etc., and this matches all those perfectly. It especially looks great with a jean jacket, olive pants, and a burgundy top, which I’ll get to in a minute… I’d been looking to get an infinity scarf, too, because I want to wear them more, both to keep warm and to draw attention elsewhere from tops that are a little tighter or lower cut than I feel comfortable wearing at work. But…it was $34. I can’t help but feel like I really could find something similar somewhere else for cheaper. Quality and uniqueness are important to me, but not so much with a scarf.

Item #5: Just USA Morrie Boyfriend Denim Jacketjust usa morrie boyfriend denim jacketSuccess! I love this jacket so much, and it fits perfectly: I can actually button it up (not that I ever really would), and there’s space in the sleeves for fall layers. I think the best part of this is that it’s a staple I’ve been missing for a while, and it really pulls together some of the things I’ve been getting in my fixes. Note the burgundy top from last time.

just usa morrie boyfriend denim jacket
This outfit almost makes me want to keep that scarf, though…
just usa morrie boyfriend denim jacket
Nice details, too.

So, what did I keep? This one was tough because I liked everything and the only thing I really knew I couldn’t keep was the cargo jacket, but once again I ran into the issue where it’s more cost effective to keep 5/5 than 4/5. I also needed to be careful with my budget this month. So…

Item #1: Liverpool Anita Skinny Pant – KEPT
Item #2: Skies are Blue Oleander Embroidery Detail Top – RETURNED
Item #3: Market & Spruce Angelo Cargo Anorak Jacket – RETURNED
Item #4: Mangrove Allen Striped Infinity Scarf – RETURNED
Item #5: Just USA Morrie Boyfriend Denim Jacket – KEPT

The skinny pants and the denim jacket were must haves for me. Once I realized I absolutely had to return the cargo jacket, the other issues with the top (I already had one like it) and scarf (not wanting to pay $34 for it) made it easier to rein my budget in. I’ve enjoyed all my boxes and my stylist keeps hitting the mark, but I think I may take a short hiatus to keep my bank account happy. Thanks to Meredith, I have great fall staples and a lot of new ways to pair different things. (That denim jacket is also going to look great with the dress I got last month.) I’ll probably be scheduling my next fix for sometime in the new year when I need new pieces for spring.

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(I’m not endorsed by Stitch Fix at all and this review was completely unbiased; I do get credit if people sign up with my link, though.)

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