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Friday Five: July 17, 2015 | Healthy recipes with real food

I have been seriously cooking up a storm this week. It’s incredibly nice to have time to prep some food for the week, although cooking well between an 8-to-5 job, walking the dog, and hitting the gym is still no joke. This week I made pork chops and a stir-fry from (yep, she also wrote Well Fed!). Although I don’t fully subscribe to the paleo diet, I do like certain aspects and I’m trying to incorporate more protein into my diet to fuel my training sessions. I also find paleo recipes to be some of the best actual healthy recipes using real food rather than recipes that involve crap ingredients and processed, de-nutriented (that’s totally not a word and I’m totally gonna use it) “healthy” ingredients that people just think are healthy because they don’t have fat.

Because the stir fry had many steps that optimize the flavor and crunch of the veggies, it also meant it would take longer. And because I don’t get out of the gym until almost 7pm, I modified it a bit, keeping the most important part to make sure I didn’t overcook the steak. I also didn’t want to spend $7 a bottle on coconut aminos (I also couldn’t find it at my grocery store), so I used a substitute. More on that in my five…!


  • Still Golden Son by Pierce Brown. I am being honest when I say I’m an avid but easily distracted reader. But I’m three-fourths through and enjoying it more than the first!


  • Those pork chops. I made these exactly as described, except when it called for ghee I used regular butter. (Maybe I’ll ghee it up one day, but ain’t nobody (read: me) got time for that.) I also am a space cadet and forgot to get chiles. We served ’em up with grilled corn and simmered and seasoned black beans with avocado.

    pork chop, black beans, avocado, corn
    Fork-stab courtesy of Geoff
  • Steak stir-fry. I subbed coconut aminos for Tamari (gluten-free soy sauce). My time and effort cheat was to cook the meat, remove it and set it aside, then cook all the veggies at the same time before adding the meat and sauce in. I always love the colors of lots of chopped up veggies.chopped veggies steak stir-fry


  • The Snatch Grip Deadlift. This is how I was taught to deadlift, and while I may experiment with a more narrow grip, I really love this grip. It engages your traps and makes you feel the lift the next day all the way from your neck, throughout your back, to your hamstrings.
  • Hip Hop Goes Broadway. We spent like half an hour at a friend’s house watching these guys’ videos. This one is one of the best. The dark-haired guy may be able to sing higher than me.


  • Weighted planks (see blog header image). One of the trainers at my gym told me this makes abs pop. Maybe they make his abs pop, but on me I’m pretty sure they’re just gonna hang out under some layers of fat.
  • Planning. My sister visits next weekend, and we go to San Diego in August!
  • Cleaning out. Pro tip: when moving in with your significant other, do a coordinated purge of duplicate items, things you don’t need, etc. Drowning in stuff over here.
  • Waiting. Do you ever know that big change is ahead and you just feel like you’re in limbo for an indefinite amount of time? Yeah…


  • Equal Exchange French Roast coffee. We’re lucky enough to live right around the corner from a natural food co-op that sells this stuff. So good.
  • Amaretto di Amore + ginger ale. I’m not a big drinker at all, but I could definitely sip on this every now and then!
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